Agricultural heating

Propane can be used to provide heat in many agricultural applications, and offers efficient, precise temperature control without compromising environmental quality.

From the farmhouse to the henhouse, propane can be used for space heaters and greenhouse heating

Space Heating

Propane space heaters can be mounted on walls or suspended overhead, and are also available as portable units. Practical, economical, and safe, propane space heaters offer many advantages when it comes to keeping farm buildings warm :

  • Propane space heaters are available in a wide range of heating capacities.
  • They’re more energy efficient than central heating because they deliver heat only when and where needed.
  • They generally require less maintenance and have longer operating lives than electrical heating systems.
  • On a Btu basis, they cost 15-25 percent less than electrical systems.

Greenhouse Heating

Since propane is clean burning, it’s ideal for greenhouse heating. Propane heaters can be used individually or in combination with multiple units. Vented heaters, in particular, are recommended for greenhouses.

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